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Ampang Glasshouse

Ampang | Selangor
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228 Max
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Ampang Glasshouse

Four Spaces. Three Levels. Endless Possibilities. Located a mere 20 minutes from the KL city centre, this intimate event venue features an elegant glass façade that offers private, street-level access and the opportunity to create a unique experience that starts at the door. The Glasshouse has 4 different area, carefully crafted and individually designed.
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The Space

The AMPANG GLASSHOUSE offers a unique event experience, through tailored events and exceptional customer service. This extraordinary all-encompassing event venue offers three different meeting areas ideal for any corporate event or special occasion. Bring your next event to AMPANG GLASSHOUSE to impress your colleagues, guests and/or friends.


Full house (3 levels) capacity details :


  • Overall capacity : Sitting 228, standing 276
  • Glasshouse : 64 sitting, 80 standing
  • Pool Side :  92 sitting, 108 standing
  • The Cave : 72 sitting, 88 standing
  • Welcome lobby : 25 sitting, 50 standing 
228 guests max  |  4000 sq. feet 


Happy Hour Package (6 hours) :
Morning Session: 9AM to 3PM
Night Session: 5PM to 11PM
Signature Package (15 hours) :
Time : 8AM to 11PM

Pricing & Packages

Happy Hour Package (Half day) RM6,980.00 nett (6 hours) Morning Session : 9AM to 3PM Night Session : 5PM to 11PM
6 hours including : 1. Setup time 2. Event Time 3. Tear Down (cleaning & dismantle) 4. RM 580/hours beyond the 15 hours slot 5. Full House, full facilities usage (rehire private & kitchen area) 6. Fully air Condition (6 hours) 7. 3 housekeepers for 3 area allocation - floor clean at all times ready for capturing - furniture is arrange per plan throughout the event -priority checking the washroom every 15 minutes 8. Audio Visual system (6 hours) includes: - karaoke system - 2 unit mic - Sound speaker at all level - Screen & projector at Glasshouse & The Cave 9. Audio visual standby (6 hours) 10. 1 unit cooler fan rental at Poolside Garden (6 hours) ADD ON Up to RM1,500.00 for all in-house furniture rental usage (subject to availability ) Signature Package (Full Day) RM9,880.00 nett Time : 8AM to 11PM
Inclusive of:- 1. Full house & full facilities usage (rehire private kitchen area). 2. Fully air-condition (6 hours) at all areas. 3. Make-up / Dressing room (6 hours) 4. 3 pax of housekeeper (6 hours) for 3 area allocation 5. 1 Audio visual system (6 hours) inclusive of :- -Karaoke system -2 unit mic -Sound speaker at all level -Screen & projector at Glasshouse and The Cave 6. Audio visual technician standby (6 hours) 7. 1 unit cooler fan rental at Poolside Garden (6 hours) Security Deposit: Any confirm booking will require to pay RM1,740 security deposit (refundable). Add-on : up to RM1,000 for all in-house furniture rental usage (subject to availability) FOR RENTAL OF IN-HOUSE FURNITURE :- FURNITURE RENTAL RATE -Chiavari Chair RM 12/pc -Colorful Cushion RM2/pc -Round / Cocktail Table RM 50/pc -Rectangular Table RM 30/pc -Table Cloth RM 10/pc FURNITURE RENTAL OFFER!!! Rent up to RM1,500 maximum only!!! CHIAVARI CHAIR -200 PCS : (120 White Colour & 80 Gold Colour) ROUND TABLE / BANQUET TABLE -6 PCS : Round Table with Cloth Cover (White / Red) (1 table - Can fit up to 12pax) -6 PCS : Round Table with Cloth Cover (White / Red) (1 table - Can fit up to 10pax) VIKING TABLE / RECTANGULAR TABLE -(1 table - Can fit up to 4pax - 6pax) -23 PCS - 2'x4' Rectangular Table with Cloth Cover (White / Red) -7 PCS - 2'x5' Rectangular Table with Cloth Cover (White / Red) COCKTAIL TABLE - 9 PCS : Cocktail Table with Cloth Cover (White/ Red) +Ribbon (Gold / Silver) All are these items: WORTH RM4,860 BUT for rental of all in-house furniture need to add on RM1,500 only. The in-house furniture will be arranged before your rental hour.


Audio visual technician
Sound speaker at all level
2 Unit Mics
Karaoke System
(3) Housekeepers
Make-up / Dressing Room
Air-Conditioning (6 hours usage)


Escape Stairs
Car Park

Add-On Services

Helicopter Rental
Yacht Rental
Event Management
Sound & Lighting
Event Furniture Rental
Food Truck
Event Crew
Ice Cream Live Station
Photo Booth
Photographer / Videographer
Live Band



All items listed under Amenities is inclusive with the space rental.

Add-On Services

All items listed under Add-on Services is not inclusive with the space rental. Should you require any add-on services, kindly highlight the items in the enquiry form.

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