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The Pantheon

Johor Bahru | Johor
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The Pantheon E-sports Center

The Pantheon E-sports Center is constructed on min 15,000 sq ft of space at 3rd floor of Toppen Mall to provide gaming enthusiasts a gaming experience that no place can offer in Malaysia. Our partnership with leading gaming hardware brands allow us to offer high-end gaming experience and that in turn help our brand partners to establish strong brand affinity and recognition with the target consumers.
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The Space

The Pantheon E-sport Center is designed and fully equipped to organise professional standard esports tournaments or any event. This is part of the long-term plan to establish Pantheon as the main professional tournament organiser in Malaysia as well as the South East Asia region. Through these tournaments, we have a strong base and pool of talents to pick from, to train and nurture them into full-fledged professional esports athletes.


Zones : PS4 Zone, VR Zone, Cafeteria Zone,  VIP Zone,  Couple Zone,  Experience Zone, Racing Simulator, VR Omni Zone,  VR Comos,  Stage Zone


Size :



Capacity details:

Cocktail : 200pax

Standing : 200pax

Banquet : 100pax

Theatre : 100pax

Classroom : 100pax


200 guests max  |  15000 sq. feet 


Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays
10:00AM to 12:00AM
*Subject to space availability & approval.

Pricing & Packages

Click here for more info on venue rental. THE PANTHEON ARENA RATES: Package Arena (half day) : RM7,000 Arena (full day) : RM12,000 Arena (both Sat & Sun) : RM20,000 *Inclusive of Light & Sound System Misc. Charges : Internet & WiFi : RM500 Portable Speaker : RM300 Arena Chair (per chair) : RM4 ZONE RATES : 1. Couple Zone (each pair) RM160 per day - High Specification gaming PC - Complete gaming peripheral - Total of 6 pairs of couples PCs 2. Experience Zone RM2,300 per day - High spec. gaming PC - More than 10 PCs brands to provide different gaming experience - Lowest GPU at RTX2060 - Total of 65 Pcs available 3. VIP ROOM RM450 for each VIP Room - High Spec. gaming PC (up to RTX 2080) - Private gaming area - Suitable for competitive/ family usage - Total of 4 VIP Rooms (5 PCs in each room) 4. Cafeteria / Mobile Zone RM1,500 per day - Accommodate up to 100pax - Power sockets provided - WiFi - Catering Service - Backdrop and banner area - Booth area 5. Streamer Room RM120 per Streamer Room - Extra monitor for live stream monitoring - Webcam and microphone provided - High spec. gaming PC - High speed internet for broadcasting - Comfortable space 6. Console Zone RM800 per day - Total of 8 PS4 and 43 inch TV - 2 controllers (DS4) for each PS4 - Bean bag provided - High speed internet - Backdrop & banner area - Booth area 7. VAR Box (Each) RM10 per credit - VAR Boxes are VR gaming consoles with adjustable, comfortable headsets and patented homemade somatosensory guns. - Two exclusive VAR Box content titles - Over Kill and Double Tap 8. Racing Simulator Zone RM550 per day - A concept racing simulator featuring a professional grade direct drive force feedback motor steering technology. - Total of 5 units of racing simulator. 9. Virtuix Omni Zone RM2,000 per day - Move freely and full speed in 360° without getting hurt. The Omni enables unparalleled gameplay action. - Featuring all game genres curated from the Omniverse library of 12 games, appealing to a wide range of guests. - Total of 4 units VR Omni available Venue Rules & Limitations : 1. NO SMOKING 2. NO VAPING 3. NO HELMET 4. NO SCHOOL UNIFORM ALLOWED 5. NO HACKING 6. UNDER 12 YEARS OLD MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT Parking Info : 1. Parking is available (up to 1000 spaces) 2. Full day parking rate : RM15


VIP Zone, Couple Zone, Experience Zone (PC, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, Gaming Chair)
Gaming Chair
Banquet Chair
Sound system
Stage Platform LED Light
Cafeteria with projector, table with chair (x14)
Car park
Tables & Chairs


Car Park

Add-On Services

Event Management
Sound & Lighting
Event Furniture Rental
Food Truck
Event Crew
Ice Cream Live Station
Photo Booth
Photographer / Videographer
Live Band



All items listed under Amenities is inclusive with the space rental.

Add-On Services

All items listed under Add-on Services is not inclusive with the space rental. Should you require any add-on services, kindly highlight the items in the enquiry form.

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